Saturday, May 17, 2008

Protesters Demand Accountability Outside Barrick Gold's AGM

May 6th

Protesters gathered outside Barrick Gold's Annual General Meeting to protest the companies destructive mining operations around the world.

Their outside action is meant to support the international delegation of aboriginal leaders which will speak inside the shareholders meeting.

Paul York and Baby show their support for the indigenous leaders speaking inside the Barrick Gold AGM,

Demonstrators share information about human rights violations committed by Barrick Gold around the world with people passing by.

Barbara Stewart-Fisher came out to show her support wearing a "Barrick Gold is Canada's Shame" t-shirt. Barbara has personally experienced the effects of mining as her childhood home in Jamaica was destroyed by a bauxite mine.

Clive Shirley of GlobalAware Independent Media shows a picture of a body bag being carried away in Papua New Guinea, where there is a large scale human rights crisis going on involving the death and injury of small scale miners near the mine site.

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